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We provide clients with reliability, speed, and value-for-cost as we perform staffing and recruiting for businesses in need of talent and manpower.

To get started, email or call +16503601275 /


201 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

SIGHT STAFFING is a company formed and founded in Delaware, operating in San Francisco.

Why Work With Us?

Our Clients, Our Network

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You can count on us to perform our services well. We will provide you with only the best fitting, most excellent candidates. With our 30-day guarantee on top of our great services, our reliability is unparalleled.

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We get to work quickly. Clients count on us to source, interview, and select their future team members within days or weeks.

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We know how costly it can be to hire talent. We also know how cumbersome it may be to try and replace an existing member of your organization. When you source talent through us, we make sure to provide you with talent that exists to perform and stay, taking your business to a whole new level at a cost that won't break the bank.

"Miguel of Sight Staffing helped us quickly select top talent for our Customer Service team. It was easy, painless, and fast. We're very happy and will definitely be back for more!"

Adam S., USA


Let's get started - email or call +16503601275

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